Mixt, a healthy lunch in one dish
This website is for Mixt.

The publisher

The publisher's Mixt website is Mixt.

The design and implementation of website

The website www.mixt.be was designed by webjob.design who proposed the principles on which it rests, its structure, design and developed.

The management of the website

The hosting and technical maintenance are provided by webjob.design.

The Food and content management are performed by Mixt.

The information

Mixt gives much attention to the accuracy of data contained on its website. If, however, the Internet was a false or incorrect information in the pages, it may report:

- Or by contacting Mixt using the contact form;
- Or by sending an e-mail mentioned above.

The texts published on the website are given information only.


This entire site is covered by Belgian and international legislation on copyright and intellectual property. All rights are reserved, including downloadable documents and iconographic and photographic representations.

Reproduction of all or part of this website in an electronic medium whatsoever is strictly prohibited unless express permission of the publisher or his delegate.

Reproduction of material on paper is permitted subject to the following 3 conditions:

- Free distribution;
- Respect for the integrity of the documents reproduced (no modifications or alterations);
- Clear and readable quotation of the source as follows: Source www.mixt.be).

For any other use of text, it should contact the publisher.


The site www.mixt.be provides links to other sites. These sites, whose addresses are regularly checked, are not part of the site Mixt. Mixt has no control over their content and accepts no responsibility for the information it contains.

This Site may, without his knowledge, have been linked to other sites through hypertext links. Mixt also declines any responsibility for the information presented on these other sites.

Personal data

Personal data collected on the website resulting from the voluntary disclosure of an e-mail address when an email message. E-mail addresses collected are used to transmit the information requested. These email addresses are not subject to any assignment or any treatment Mixt.


The fields of online forms marked with an asterisk must be completed. The information collected is subject to a treatment designed to facilitate the processing of the application by Mixt.

Image rights

Under the rules in the law like anyone (not public) that appear on a photograph and has not expressly authorized its distribution on this website may, upon request, to withdraw.

The photo credits

The images on the website are the property Mixt of Mixt, except mention of another credit.
The reproduction of photographs and illustrations is prohibited without permission.


For statistical purposes, the website of Mixt uses the services of Google analytics, they can collect anonymous information such as on the browser and operating system used, the number of pages visited, duration of the visit .. .

The data can in no case allow you to identify and completely anonymous.