Mixt, a healthy lunch in one dish
Becoming a franchisee
Strengths and peculiarities

Originality: Each recipe is available in salad, sandwich or pita according to customer choice Price: Products for all budgets. Average bill  etween € 5 and € 6
Specialization: A theme business, which allows a better positioning on the market Potential: We have customers of all ages and origins
Exploitation: A business not too large to ensure proximity with your customers (12 to 100m ²) Products: Adapted to the current market, balanced and quality
Investment: Starting founds remains affordable, being between 18,000 € and 40,000 €, for a total investment of 44,000 € to 120,000 € Service: Fast and great proximity to the customer. A transaction from 1 to 3 min depending on the type of service (take away or eat in)
Unique concept
Meal salads with sliced food, hot or cold, is a unique concept.

MIXT ® is a themed restaurant:
- Sliced food, hot or cold
- Home made sauces, light and smooth,
- Finely cut vegetables or fruits to add in the daily meal, whether salad, sandwich or pita

The sauces are neither oily dressings or mayonnaise. They are part of the know-how of MIXT ® and are available only in establishments licensed to sell  our branded products and services and contribute to the uniqueness of each of our recipe.

Each recipe and prepared in a matter of seconds, which does not exclude the possibility for our most demanding customers to put theirown personal touch .
The MIXT company is a young Belgian family company founded in 1999. It has, however, thanks to those who have contributed to the elaboration of the  concept, an experience of nearly 25 years in quality fast food.

An important part of our job is to help you truely master our products and services.
The quality of a MIXT® franchise is greatly determined by the people who do the daily work and their ability to provide quality services, helping to develop a loyal clientele.

The product plays an important role in the concept. That is why we continue to invest in developing new products and tools. Being efficient on a daily basis may take time and money especially when one is faced with new challenges, so we are with you throughout your journey.
Available locations